3(16) – Compass 360 Service

Plan administrators are often too busy to focus on every nuance in their retirement plan. Our 3(16) service – Compass 360 – provides an additional layer of fiduciary protection, so our clients and financial advisors can be assured their retirement plans are being well-managed and serviced. And you can focus on more important things like helping your clients find the right retirement options.

As the full scope 3(16) co-fiduciary, Compass 360 provides premium service while performing all of the plan administration as outlined in the customized plan document. We offer direct supervision and approval of certain day-to-day plan administration duties and contractually take on an additional layer of fiduciary responsibility on behalf of our clients. As a 3(16) fiduciary, we have a legal and vested interest in the health and maintenance of the plan you create. This gives our clients much-deserved peace of mind.

Let our expertise work for you and your clients. Our compliance knowledge helps ensure your plan meets changing regulatory requirements. Compass 360 also offers professional processes and records management that can help limit your fiduciary exposure. You deserve to focus on other important business needs.